About me



I am Yi-Hsun Chen, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Linguistics at Rutgers.

I am interested in formal semantics, formal pragmatics, semantics-pragmatics interface, semantics-syntax interface, universals/ cross-linguistic variation in semantics, and Chinese linguistics.

Specific topics include:  scalarity, gradability, measurement, vagueness, alternatives, scalar implicatures, questions, presuppositions, argument structure and phrase structure.


Currently, I am working on Superlative Modifiers.  The central goals of my dissertation are twofold. One goal  is to (i) provide a unified account of the ambiguity shown by superlative modifiers cross-linguistically: speaker ignorance and speaker concession; (ii) explain why the (un)availability of the two meanings is restricted by the syntactic distribution of superlative modifiers.

The other goal is to offer a decompositional analysis of superlative modifiers, explaining why their morphological makeup is cross-linguistically related to quantity adjectives and superlative morphemes  in general.

Dissertation Committee: Veneeta Dayal (Chair),  Simon CharlowJane GrimshawRoger Schwarzschild